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"Beneficiary Name:
Sofa Faipari Fafeldolgozó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Project title:
The renewal of the Sofa Faipari Kft.'s toolbox to enhance productivity and maintain competitiveness
Amount of contracted aid:
15.777.315, - Ft
Aid rate (%):
Project ID:
Project Completion Date:
2017. 08. 31.
Project content:
1. Acquisition of new tool, machine purchase - purchase of automatic nailing machine
2. Purchase New Tool, Machine Purchase -Holzmann VS20 Pro Four-Head Planer
3. Domain Name Registration - Web Hosting and
4. Website Design -
Support for capacity-building projects for GINOP-1.2.2-16 Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. (Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine, Four Headed Planer), as well as a binding site for making a website.
To accommodate the assets, it has become necessary to develop real estate on the site. We decided to connect the area between existing buildings, thus creating a new 160 sqm workshop. Finished products are also stored in a brain with a 140nm covered color.
We have ordered a Czech Störi Mantel SMPA 500.2 ED automatic nailer from the manufacturer and they have been provided by the specialists for start-up and training of our colleagues. For more than a month, our machine is at our site, we look forward to further increasing our productivity and competitiveness in the pallet manufacturing market.
The use of the planer is in no way linked to the production of pallets, but it has also been a case before, when the load-bearing surface of the pallet was to be smooth. When selecting the type, we observed the market bids and decided on the Holzmann VS20 four-headed planter, which works on four sides of the slotted board in one operation.
Our constantly updating web site is essential for the presence of the web, so it is necessary to participate in the market, and we are counting on increasing visits. Sofa Faipari Kft. Will be able to provide you with information about the products, contacts and contact details of the Sofa Faipari Kft.
The development in the project is another big chance for our business to survive and develop. "

Tel: +3620 402 1789
Utolsó módosítás: 2018.05.17.
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